This section wants to offer a complete image of the island. We often find some landscapes little few valued, above all inside the island.
Sardinia is more vaste than we can imagine: the distances are lengthened and complicated by a sour and fragmented territory. The landscape is often constituted by long plains, exterminated hills and rounded mountains which give the impression of man's absence. But in these territories, that seem so desert and desolated, are hidden some very beautiful regions.

Here we offer some small guides, complete with road maps, to visit these places of the island.

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Itinerari The 'Gorroppu' Throat - European Great Canyon
In the Barbagia's territory, dipped in the Supramonte, we find the most imposing natural abyss of Italy and whole Europe, surrounded by thick forests and bright oleanders: the 'On Gorroppu' Throats also called European Great Canyon........

Itinerari The north eastern coast
The itinerary proposed in this page is mostly coastal. After a short deviation southwards to see the Tavolara island, which rises with a steep rock over the sea up to 600 m, you point to the north following the complex articulation of the coastal route........

Itinerari Alghero and the Nurra
From Alghero to the splendid coasts of Nurra. Alghero is one of the most attractive Sardinian towns, interesting for its monuments, the sea and the story of a Catalan island. After the visit of Alghero, the itinerary continues.......

Itinerari Le Barbagie
Barbagia represents the most hidden and ancient part of Sardinia. The vastness of the Gennargentu mountains, which occupies whole the centre-east side of the island, with many difficulties of communication.......

Itinerari Gerrei and Trexenta
Historical and artistic traces go back above all to the prehistoric period: the region preserves some of the most attractive and significant monuments of the Nuraghic civilization. The route has frequent ups and downs with continuous curves.......

Itinerari The Iglesiente
Certainly the whole region, whose name today is Iglesiente, has always lived in relation to the mines, since the Nuraghic age and since the exploitation in Punic and Roman age, by the slaves work and that one of condemned people.......

Itinerari The Ogliastra
Arriving at Ogliastra is always hard, it is necessary to take roads with continuous ascent and descent hairpins. Leaving from Cagliari or from Cala Gonone, you arrive at Arbatax, with the possibility of observing the beauty upsetting of the coasts.......

Other itineraries:
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