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Alghero and the Nurra

Alghero e la Nurra From Alghero to the splendid coasts of Nurra - Alghero is one of the most attractive Sardinian towns, interesting for its monuments, the sea and the story of a Catalan island.

After the visit of Alghero, the itinerary continues making a protruding rectangle on the sea, the Nurra, a plain meagrely populated delimited by the territories of Porto Torres and Sassari.

Along the coastline which offers a series of splendid locations: the bay of Porto Conte with the caves of Capo Caccia, the attractive beaches of Argentiera, the Stintino promontory with the island of Asinara.

In the Porto Torres zone it is possible to see interesting archaeological rests of the ancient Roman town and one of the most attractive Romanic churches of the island. In the Nurra there are numerous traces of Neolithic and Nuraghic civility.

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Alghero e la Nurra There are few towns in Sardinia located directly on the sea; may be no one has the same charm of Alghero. Tourism discovered the Catalan town long before the Costa Smeralda and the other coasts of various colours. Already in the 60ies it was attended by the English. There it is a tight connection between Alghero and Barcelona in Spain. The spoken tongue is an archaic Catalan, used by the inhabitants, it is readable on the roads plates, and people can listen it in the popular song and in religious ceremonies. The territory around the town, the inside and costs offer beautiful locality as Porto Conte and Capo Caccia.

Going to Porto Conte in which zone on the left are the deviations for the attractive beaches of Bombarde and Lazzaretto. On the right there is the important Palmavera Nuraghe.

Then you arrive at the attractive Porto Conte bay, an excellent natural port of 6 Km of length. More ahead we find the promontory of Capo Caccia, covered by Mediterranean patch. Breathtaking reefs raise on the sea that arrive in steepest points to a height of 300 meters. The limy rock is routed by caves; the most attractive and well-known is the Neptune's cave, attainable from Alghero with barges or travelling the 656 steps of the Cabirol Escala, long and steep but of fascinating landscape. The cave is open to the public.

Going ahead, the journey arrives at the Argentiera where sparkling rocks stand out from the metalliferous veins. The vein of lead, silver and galvanize present was known in the rocks since the antiquity and exploited also by the Pisans that in the medieval age gave the name to the locality. The route continues verse the north for Stintino, which still preserves the characters of an old fisherman suburb founded in 1885.It is one of the ideal places to spend the vacations. At the conclusion of the route an incredible view open towards the large island of the Asinara, of extreme naturalistic interest and landascape.

Returning, continue for Porto Torres, an of the most industrialized zone of the North Sardinia; however also here the archeological zones aren't lazying.