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The north eastern coast

La costa nordorientale The itinerary proposed in this page is mostly coastal. After a short deviation southwards to see the Tavolara island, which rises with a steep rock over the sea up to 600 m, you point to the north following the complex articulation of the coastal route.

The show is guaranteed by the clear sea, embellished by granite rocks and their various forms, smooth and rounded, moulded by nature, or shattered and dug to create images that the popular fantasy gave animal names. The prevailing motives of interest are the landscape and the fantastic nature. But also important monuments of the Neolithic and the Nuraghic age can not miss; Olbia preserves significant traces of its Medieval history.

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La costa nordorientale Olbia is situated in a quite protected bay, individualized since ancient times as an ideal landing for ships. It was founded with its current name (that means rich, happy) in a not secure period, among the 6th and the 4th century B.C., maybe by Greeks or Phoenicians. In 259 B. C. it was the first centre conquered by Romans in Sardinia which developed in the successive centuries.

In the port of Olbia, take the road in direction to Golfo degli Aranci. In half of the ascent there is the Sa Testa well temple; it is one of the sacred wells better preserved, bound to the waters religion during the Nuraghic age. Returning from Golfo degli Aranci, follow the indications to Costa Smeralda. At the following crossing take the right towards Porto Rotondo, first locality of large tourist and fashionable reputation that we meet on this coastline. You can cross whole the promontory till the Fox point, enjoying in this way the rocky landscape, the Mediterranean patch and the small beaches with granite rocks.

Continuing northwards we see the most famous coast: the Costa Smeralda. The main center of the Costa Smeralda is Porto Cervo with its hotels, shops, squares around a large tourist port. Beyond Porto Cervo it goes on to the attractive beaches of the Maddalena archipel. The road crosses the south coast of Arzachena gulf, leaving on the right the Cannigione deviation. On the left there is the Albucciu Nuraghe next to a big rock.

From Arzachena the road continues for Palau, reachable after 15 Km. The return is in an alternative direction, through Cannigione. On the sea wonderful beaches and the tourist resorts of Laconia and Isuledda, while the Caprera island appears on the opposite side. One of the highest points to observe the incredible panorama is the Capo d'Orso promontory; a fantastic form nature produced during the centuries.

The itinerary continues for Palau with its attractive port. Enjoy a visit to Maddalena archipel formed by numerous small isles among the four major islands: Santo Stefano, Caprera, Maddalena and Spargi. Going ahead Santa Teresa di Gallura we get into the itinerary of Pausania Temple and of Gallura.