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The "On Gorroppu" Throat - European Great Canyon

Gola Su Gorroppu In the Barbagia's territory, dipped in the Supramonte, we find the most imposing natural abyss of Italy and whole Europe, surrounded by thick forests and bright oleanders: the "On Gorroppu" Throats also called European Great Canyon.

This is one of the most fascinating and impressive symbols of the Gennargentu mountains. The enormous vertical walls exceed the 400 meters of height.

Road Map

Map of the distance on foot
Sentiero a piedi

Like arriving:

Gola Su Gorroppu The Southern limit of the town is reachable from Dorgali (NU) and then taking first an asphalted road and later a dug up one which reaches the bridge of "sa Barva" at 13 kilometres from Dorgali, where you can park your car and begin the path. It is easy and comfortable and also characterized by continuous uphills and downhills which skirt the Flumineddu river.

After having walked for about 2 hours along the Flumineddu river, you arrive at the Throat entry, where there are numerous fresh water pools and small falls in a spectacular scene.

As you penetrate the Throat, we suggest to follow the path, even if it is hardly visible, which skirts the right wall: after a walk of about 40 minutes through enormous smooth masses you will meet small lakes that block the throat, which you can cross only with an appropriate equipment. The view is fantastic! The best period for an excursion is during summer or spring. We remember to avoid leaving the path.