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Gerrei and Trexenta

Il Gerrei e la Trexenta Historical and artistic traces go back above all to the prehistoric period; the region preserves some of the most attractive and significant monuments of the Nuraghic civilization. The route has frequent ups and downs with continuous curves. The altitude is generally of about 400-500 m.

Leaving Cagliari in direction of Dolianova, you cross one of the most important Sardinian wine regions. Arrived at Dolianova, signs indicate the road for the church San Pantaleo and for the splendid cathedral of the ancient Dolia diocese, one of the masterpieces of Romanic art in Sardinia.

The road climbs on a desolate steppe landscape in direction of San Nicoḷ Gerrei; just before reaching the town, at the beginning of the Goni deviation, the road carries to Silius, where, after about 10 Km on the left appears the necropolis of Pranu Mutteddu, an important rest of Neolithic civilization in Sardinia. Of particular interest are the domus de janas graves, dug in large sandstone blocks carried from far away to the centre of a large circle with menhir. The long line of menhir is orientated along the course of the sun.

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Il Gerrei e la Trexenta From Silius it is possible to return directly on the government street and reach San Nicoḷ Gerrei. The region is wedged through the mountains of Sarrabus and the Flumendosa gole and it offers panoramic closes of heavy suggestion.

Continuing towards Escalaplano you pass through a wild zone, attended by predatories, which arrives up to the Flumendosa. With the arrival at Escalaplano we are in the Nuoro province. On the road for Orroli very important rests of the Nuraghic civilization have been found: the Orrubiu Nuraghe, where the ruins of the imposing stronghold extend on an area of three hectares. It is possible to admire the 5 great towers which dominate the plateau.

The government street continues in direction of Nurri and Serri where you will find the area of the important Santa Vittoria Nuraghic village. More than a real village it is a sanctuary as the sacred well shows and the numerous small bronzes which now are preserved in the Cagliari museum.

A deviation deserves the nuraghe Is Paras of Isili, in the north periphery of the country. Arrived at Suelli, don't miss to visit the ex cathedral of San Giorgio which still preserves many Romanic elements.