This section wants to offer a complete image of the island. We often find some landscapes little few valued, above all inside the island.
Sardinia is more vaste than we can imagine: the distances are lengthened and complicated by a sour and fragmented territory. The landscape is often constituted by long plains, exterminated hills and rounded mountains which give the impression of man's absence. But in these territories, that seem so desert and desolated, are hidden some very beautiful regions.

Here we offer some small guides, complete with road maps, to visit these places of the island.

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Itinerari The Sinis and the Montiferru
The Sinis peninsula is one of the most glamour Sardinia places. It is situated in the extreme Campidano edge at the bottom of the Montiferru, a mountainous chain rich in woods and sources.......

Itinerari Tempio Pausania and Gallura
The immense spaces of the Gallura advise two different itineraries of two-three days each. Next to which that from Olbia goes back along the Costa Smeralda until Arzachena and from the Maddalena Archipelago.......

Itinerari Villasimius and Sarrabus
Departing from Cagliari you can follow the road along the Poetto beach. The route goes through the strip of land, included between the sea and the Quartu ponds, inhabited by rosa flamingos colonies and in part used as salines.......

Itinerari Le Dune di Piscinas

Itinerari The little Green Train (Trenino Verde)
The island is connected by a series of romantic trains that provide stunning views often inaccessible from roads. The Little Green Train (Trenino Verde) is a tourist service named .......

Other itineraries:
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