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Festival of S. EFISIO

It begins on the 1st of May in Cagliari. This festival takes place every year since 1657. The parade of the groups leaves from Curdle and arrives at Nora (about 35 Km from Curdle). It is one of the most significant festivals of the island, dedicated to the warlike martyr that inhabitants were upset to implore in case of the terrible effects of an epidemic of plague or of the pirates' invasion in 1655. A solemn procession with the image of the saint leaves from the district of Sampace to finish in the small church dedicated to the saint of Nora. In this village in fact saints were martyred in the IV century A. C. Women and men of the confraternity come in front of the statue in the church early in the morning, dressed with precious brockets; the statue is put on a cart drawn by oxen. The procession goes along the streets of the whole village and concludes at the church of San Giorgino. The Knights of Campidano are in saddle of their horses decorated with flowers; the whole march is rich in traditions of the whole island. After the stop at San Giorgino the procession continues to Nora, stopping for the night at Sarroch. The 4th May, early in the morning, the procession begins its long return that ends in Cagliari, welcomed by thousands of persons.


It takes place in February in Oristano: an ancient equestrian joust with Spanish origins.


It is a horseriding, but above all a religious festival that takes place from 5th to 7th july at Sedilo in the homonymous Sanctuary in honour of San Costantino. The origin of this competition goes back to the Nuraghic period.


It takes place every next-to-last Sunday of May in Sassari; a parade in honour of the sovereigns in visit to Sardinia.


It develops in Sassari on the 14th of August. Several groups of citizens go through the historical centre transporting high linear columns.


It is the most important religious festival of Nuoro; it takes place every 29th August from 1901 on the Ortobene Mountain.


It takes place the last sunday of October at Aritzo (NU).