Geography of Sardinia
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Geography of Sardinia

Surface: 24.090 Kmq
Main town: Cagliari
Main towns of province: Nuoro, Oristano, Sassari
Main mountains: Gennargentu (1834 m.)
Main rivers: Tirso (135 Km.) e Flumendosa (127 Km.)
Main lakes: Lake of Coghinas, Pond of Cabras,
Lake Omodeo
Main islands: Sant'Antioco (109 Kmq),
San Pietro (51,3 Kmq), Asinara (50,9 Kmq),
La Maddalena (20,1 Kmq)

Map of Sardinia Sardinia is the second greatest island of the Mediterranean: it measures 24.090 kmq, it is situated between 38 51' 52 '' and 41 15' 42 '' of latitude North and 8 8' and 9 50' of East longitude.

The coasts of Sardinia (1.849 Km long) are generally high and rocky, rectilinear for kilometres, they are often articulated in promontories, with ample and deep bays and inlets surrounded by smaller isles.

The Island, being an ancient territory with rocks that go back to the Ancient Palaeozoic (300.000 years ago), doesn't possess any high mountain because of its long erosion processes.

The granite, schist, tranchite, basalt (called "jars" or "gollei"), sandstone, dolomie-limestones (called "tonneri" or "heels") rocky highlands predominate on a height between 300 and 1.000 meters.

The Gennargentu detaches among the high mountainous, in the center of the Island, with its higher peak (1,834 m.), the Mount Limbara (1,362 m.) in the North and the Rasu Mount, culminating part of the so-called "Marghine chain", that runs crosswise for 40 Km towards North.

The climate is generally mild, influenced by Atlantic, African and Artic air masses. The weather is clear: in the arc of the year approximately 300 days are sunny and the others rainy, with a great concentration of rainfall in winter and autumn and some unexpected heavy showers in spring.

The Island is ventilated. The mistral dominates - a Norh-West wind - fresh and strong in winter, in summer mitigates the climate making the air dry and unbreathable.

The Sirocco, which is exposed the southern coast, is less frequent as well as the Levant winds and those of Northeast, which blow along the oriental coast.

The Geographic regions of Sardinia