Curiosity and myths in Sardinia
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Curiosity and myths in Sardinia


Curiosity and mythsAtlantis? It exists, it is Sardinia
For centuries, studious, philosophers, scientists and literates have been trying to trace the mythical continent of Atlantis in the geography, interpreting Plato and all Mediterranean legends which have done their own fulcrum in it, and for centuries each attempt is frustrated by absence of concrete demonstrations, as well as signs, testimonies, ideas. Atlantis was a promised land situated beyond the Columns of Hercules.....

Curiosity and mythsThe ancient wild olive (around 3.000 years old)
The State Forester has censussed around 22.000 trees of particular interest in Italy that in a following selection have been identified in 2.000 great interest exemplars, of which 150 with exceptional historical or monumental value. The oldest seems to be a wild olive with exceptional dimensions in the Sassari province, at San Baltolu di Luras.....