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Sardinian gastronomy
Typical, unique and genuine products

Sardinia is one of the most favourite destinations of national and international tourists, not only for its natural beauties, but also for its original and rich gastronomy based on ancient recipes handed down from generation in generation.

Each province respects its own tradition using the typical products of the zone. Thanks also to the geographic position of the island, surrounded by the sea, the fishy lagoons and the relieves inside the island, the typical ingredients of kitchen are very different but at the same time simple and natural.

Cucina sarda HORS D'OEUVRES
The characteristic Sardinian "antipast" that precede lunch or dinner are constituted by mixed salted pork meats, cured ham, Sardinian pecorino cheese, olives, everything garnished with fresh vegetables. You may also find antipasti including crabs, mussels, clams, patellas, sea dates, snails, curlies, lobster, octopus, mullet processed boe.

Cucina sarda BREAD AND PASTA
The Sardinian tradition brags different types of pastas, dried and fresh, and typical breads. The basic ingredient is always the hard bran of grain, used to get ready the well-known malloreddus, the bread carasau also known as music card, the fregola composed by a handmade pasta with small marbles form and toasted in the oven, the culurgionis with ricotta stuffing.

Cucina sarda SECOND COURSE
Among the meat dishes the most characteristic ones are pork on the spit, roasted and flavoured with branches of myrtle, kid and boiled lamb, as well as mixed grill of fish.

Cucina sarda PORK MEAT
In Sardinia pork meats are prepared following ancient procedures and using easy ingredients: salt, few spices and an accurate seasoning. The most characteristic Sardinian pork meat is the pig or wild boar mountain ham, also dried or smoked sausages are considered a symbol of the island.

Cucina sarda CHEESE
Sardinia is the symbol of pastoral civilization. Goat and sheep breeding represents the most important economical activity. Among the finest cheeses we find the Sardinian pecorino, a D.O.C. cheese, produced exclusively in Sardinia.

Cucina sarda SWEETS
The traditional Sardinian pastry shop is very assorted and proposes sweets for every occasion and recurrence. The basic ingredient for most of them are the almonds: who doesn't know the famous "amaretti" and the "is pabassinas" with raisin and sapa.

Cucina sarda WINES
Sardinia can brag an ancient wine-producing tradition, with high quality wines. The insular wines are strong and with a high gradation. Among the most appreciated and known there are surely the Cannonau, the Malvasia, the Vermentino, the Nuragus, the Monica.

Cucina sarda LIQUORS
Ancient traditions go also for liquors, transforming the rich variety of plants, features of the insular landscape, in excellent aromatic and delicate substances. Among the liquors, the symbol is surely the myrtle, white and red, but we cite also the liquor of Indian fig and the "aqua vitae", more known with the name of "filu'e ferru".