Towns and villages of Sardinia
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Towns and villages of Sardinia
And new provinces

The new provinces of Sardinia

The new 4 provinces of Sardinia:

- (CI) Carbonia-Iglesias with chief town Iglesias - Carbonia
- (VS) Medio Campidano with chief town Villacidro - Sanluri
- (OG) Ogliastra with chief town Lanusei - Tortoĺ
- (OT) Olbia-Tempio with chief town Olbia - Tempio Pausania

New provinces
In Sardinia there are 377 villages, 1.648.046 inhabitants, on the surface of 24.090 kmq and a density of 68 inhabitants for kmq.

All the towns

Prov: (CA) Cagliari
Prov: (OR) Oristano
Prov: (NU) Nuoro
Prov: (SS) Sassari
Prov: (CI) Carbonia-Iglesias
Prov: (VS) Medio Campidano
Prov: (OG) Ogliastra
Prov: (OT) Olbia-Tempio