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It is the most known wine of Sardinia, obtained by a probably vineyard with Spanish origin. It is above all produced in the eastern side of the island. D.O.C. Wine with red ruby colour and with warm flavour, full and dry.

The production is concentrated in the Sulcis area and on the islands of S. Antioco and St Peter. It is a typical D.O.C. wine. Red ruby with warm and dry flavour, with an alcoholic gradation of 11,5 degrees. Wine that excellently accompanies hors d'oeuvres, grilled meats, pork meats and cheese.

Probably imported from Greece in Byzantine period, it is produced as a D.O.C. wine in Bosa and Cagliari. It has different typologies: sweet, natural, dry, natural sweet, natural dry. It is a wine to sample at the end of the meal with a dessert, or outside meal with typical Sardinian sweets.

It takes its name from the region in which the vineyards are located; it is a red D.O.C. wine with different typologies, superior and rosé. It is a wine to drink at ambient temperature with the consumption of various typical dishes of the Sardinian cuisine.

It is a D.O.C. wine, we have found news about in Sardinia for beyond a millennium. It exists in the Cagliari version and in that of Sardinia. Both the typologies have a dry flavour, warm, sapid and agreeable to the palate. The Monica of Sardinia has an alcoholic rate inferior respect to that of Cagliari: 13 degrees the first wine, 14,5 the second one. The Monica colour of Sardinia with the ageing stretches out the amaranth, while that of Cagliari, to the orange. Such wine is well consumed with first hors d'oeuvres and grilled meat.

It is produced in different parts of Sardinia. In the various typologies the alcoholic gradation changes from 13 to 15 degrees. The colour is yellow, it's caracterized by a strong perfume, a full flavour, it's warm and rather sweet. It is excellent with typical Sardinian cookies.

A typical wine of the Cagliari province, produced as D.O.C. wine DOC in sweet and dry natural versions; it's yellow, with a delicate smell and a slightly bitter flavour. The alcoholic gradation varies from 13 to 14,5 degrees. Considered a wine for several occasions: as an aperitif or a dessert wine, very good with spicy cheese.

Widely produced in the Cagliari zone, it is the most spread among the white wines in Sardinia. It is a dry D.O.C. wine with an alcoholic gradation of 10,5 degrees. It accompanies fish or light hors d'oeuvres; excellent served fresh as aperitif.

A n excellent wine with Catalan origin, produced today in the area of Alghero; made in limited quantity because the production is not regular. The colour is yellow and the flavour is dry, it reaches an alcoholic gradation of 11,5 degrees. It is a very good with fish meals.

Imported from Spain, it found its ideal geographic arrangement in the zone of Gallura. There are two versions of the D.O.C Vermentino: the Vermentino of Gallura, with a straw yellow colour, a dry wine with a gradation that can be of 12 or 14 degrees, it depends on the kind of version you prefer; the Vermentino of Sardinia, lighter than the first one with an alcohol rate of 10,5 degrees. The Vermentino is an excellent wine with fish dishes.

Typical wine of the zone of Oristano with Roman origin. D.O.C wine with a gradation not inferior to 14 degrees, with an ageing of two years for the normal version, and three years for the superior version. In the superior version the Vernaccia has an alcoholic gradation of at least 15 degrees. Excellent as aperitif and dessert wine.