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Card Bitter
Liquor created by the ability of the Sardinian shepherds, obtained by the cold alcoholic infusion of the Card roots with the addition of sugar or honey. Drunken after the meal.

It is obtained from the cold alcoholic infusion of reep fruit. The colour is slightly rosť and it has a delicate flavour.

Indian fig
Reep fruit especially sweet ones, enriched with honey or sugar, then put in cold infusion in alcohol. This liquor is yellow, with delicate flavour and with a gradation that fluctuates between 21 and 25 degrees.

Filu e'ferru
Aqua vitae that takes its name from a practice used in the past to hide the distilled product: the aqua vitae is put in a container which was put into the earth. To individualize its position a piece of iron fil was bound around it. It is obtained by special kinds of grapes.

It is obtained by special kinds of grapes, such as: Cannonau, Vernaccia, Vermentino, Malvasia, Muscatel.

Obtained by the cold infusion of green lemon bark in alcohol, with the addition of honey and sugar. Of yellow-green colour; very refreshing especially in warm summer nights.

Undoubtedly the most well-known Sardinian liquor that dues its success to the homonym plant. It is obtained by cold infusion with the addition of honey or sugar of the small black berries of the plant or of its leaves. It must be served cold as aperitif or digestive.

The most important component of this liquor is the anise essence. It's produced in the white and yellow version - this last colour is due to saffron. Excellent as aperitif or digestive, often used to trim typical Sardinian sweets.