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Delicate and valuable, generally produced in the zone of Montiferru. Excellent especially in autumn.

Half-finished Pasta, very damp, not too salted. Used to make sweets (i.e. sebadas) and antipasti.

Roman Pecorino
Its name shows the origin; exclusively made with milk of sheep - spicy taste. Used especially as dressing for pasta and soups. Made in big forms, about 20 Kg each.

Sardinian Pecorino
D.O.C. cheese exclusively produced in Sardinia, made in about 3 Kg shapes. Till three months of ripening it is consumed roasted or as a table cheese, after six months of seasoning it is used for grating.

Made in about 0,5 Kg shapes, eaten few days after its production as sandwich filling or for fast dinners. Good roasted, also trimmed with honey.

Cottage cheese (kind)
Finished the cheese making, the residue serum is recooked - in this way it becomes cottage cheese. Different typologies: mild, middle table seasoning, long seasoning.