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They are made of sweet and bitter almonds pasta, sugar, albums and grated lemon. It has a brown colour and an oval shape; the surface is cracked and crispy. They are often eaten in important occasions as marriages, confirmations, baptisms etc.

They get ready with white of egg beaten to snow, sugar, toasted almonds in pieces and flavoured with barks of lemon. They are produced on the whole island in different shapes: oval, round - more or less decorated.

Typical sweet of Barbagia, composed by a thin puff and a honey stuffing, cinnamon, bark of orange, toasted and minced filbert.

Typical sweet of Gallura, stuffing of jam, sapa, honey and almonds. They have a circular shape, covered by a layer of icing and decorated coloured marbles.

The spontaneous richness of flora with the meekness of the places supplies to the bees the ideal ground to haul in every season. That'e why Sardinia can brag a big variety of honey. The most important and precious one is that of Arbutus, but as much perfumed and excellent are those of Card, Eucalyptus, Asphodel, Rosmarin and of Chestnut.

Typical sweet of Oristano with concentrated must, wheat flour, rice and sugar. In rhombus shape, someone says that it may be the most ancient sweet of Sardinia.

Pane e'sapa
Traditional sweet with concentrated must or sapa, walnuts, almonds, grapes, of various shapes, square or circular. It is considered one of the best Sardinian sweets.

It has rhombus shape, formed by a bran risen mixture risen, with lard, eggs, sultanina grape, pine nuts, walnuts or almonds and sapa.

Pardulas o Casadinas

It has a circular shape, remembering a snow ball, typical of the zone of Cagliari. The ingredients are sugar, lemon and orange. The pasta is made with eggs, olive oil and flour.

They are made of bran, sugar, eggs, milk, lard and yeast. They have a rectangular shape.

The unleavened pasta is worked with lard, that covers the fresh and embittered cheese mixed to bran and lemon or orange bark. Its shape is circular and it is fried in olive oil and covered with sugar or honey, before eating.

It has a circular form with few centimetres of diameter, formed by a mixture of minced almonds, sugar, lemon, water of orange flowers. Normally they are wrapped in onionskin coloured paper, with jagged extremity. There are also some varying, in which the sweets are flavoured with honey and covered by a chocolate melting icing.

Typical sweet of Gallura, which is formed by a puff of worked flour with lard, with raised edges, honey stuffing, almonds, walnuts and sapa.

Prepared with honey, walnuts or almonds, whiten of egg; someone adds also the york. It brags many estimators for its absolute excellence. The most well-known is certainly that of Tonara.