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Processed Boe
The term bottarga or bottariga reports to the mullet or tuna eggs, salted, pressed and dried. Cabras, on the homonym watertight, in province of Oristano, is considered the homeland of the processed boe mullet, while an excellent processed boe of tuna is produced in the coastal towns of the Sulcis. Exquisite: spaghetti with grated processed boe.

You find crabs, mussels, clams, "bucconis" (murexes), patellas, dates of sea, snails, curly, lobster, "orziada" (actinias), octopus, sardines.

Olives in scabecciu
They are incised in three points, moved in brine for about three days, washed and burned in water and vinegar, subsequently made to dry under the sun. They are fried with parsley and garlic and put in oil.

Olives in brine
After the pick put them in water and salt for about 2 months; the olives of the quality "pizz' e carroga", 8 months for the "round" olives. The first type of olives has a sweeter taste and a long form, while the second one is more bitter.